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Bars And Boxes: The place for colorbars and icons
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1. This community is made for anyone who wishes to make colorbars, icons, layouts, etc. Anyone can join.
2. There will be no debating of any kind existing in this community. If someone makes a colorbar, icon, or layout that would be controversial, that must me posted behind a Live Journal: <*lj-cut*>. Any type of art is permissible, such as homosexuality, pro-abortion, etc. All colorbars that could possible take offense to someone must be posted behind a cut while stating what the contents are on the outside. But there will be no negative colorbars, such as ‘…is not love!’ Keep your negative or offensive opinions to yourself, not in this community.
3. Remember where colorbars were originated: Marriage is love. There will be absolutely NO bashing of homosexuality, I being a homosexual myself, will ban you instantly without warning!
4. There will be no soliciting of other communities unless under a Live Journal cut.
5. If you are posting more than two colorbars, than all other existing colorbars you are posting at the same time must be under a cut, we don’t want to stretch out this community or flood anyone’s friend’s page.
6. If you are asking for a request, please post any pictures you want used underneith a cut.
7. Respect others and the art they’ve designed. If you disrespect someone or their work, you will be banned without warning.
8. If you are being bothered or harassed by someone in this community, contact me personally in my journal and I will try to solve the problem.
9. do_the_drew89 is my journal name, and if you have any ideas, suggestions, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Marriage is love.

made by do_the_drew89

Love comes in all shapes and sizes!

Your Mod:
do_the_drew89 and frantic_frog89